Friday, November 11, 2011

Vogue 8783 - Small Purse

Part One

My daughter and I were out shopping yesterday when she saw some really cute purses in plaid trimmed with brown leather. Today, while looking through my patterns and looking for a small project in between a few larger ones, I came across Vogue 8783, the latest Marcy Tilton purse pattern and thought that View B with the addition of a strap would make a cute purse for my daughter.

I even have brown faux leather and some plaid to make a purse with similar materials to the ones we saw.  

The pattern only has three pieces, so it should come together quickly.

I'll probably work on it on Sunday; I'll be out hiking tomorrow.

Parting Shot: Warm Laundry.  Pix found the warm laundry and made herself a nest.  Wouldn't it be great to be a cat?


Laury said...

True that...cats have the life! I am interested in the purse already.

CJ said...

If I only knew where to start when it came to sewing purses together. I will tackle one, one of these days! :)

Thanks for the share and can't wait to see the purse completed.

Lisa Laree said...

..."Everybody wants to be a cat!" - Thomas O'Malley :-)

Rosie said...

I anxiously await the construction steps of the purse. I want to be the cat in the basket of warm clothes. He/she is adorable,

Sue said...

I am gettin interested in sewing a bag and your's sounds great! I will be watching with interest.
Warm laundry - who could resist!