Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vogue 8783 - Small Purse

A Little Progress

Sad to say, there has not been a lot of progress on the purse, although *maybe* tomorrow or Friday I'll actually get to work on it.  It has been really busy here and yesterday I managed to lose my camera on a hike.  Fortunately, another group of hikers found it and contacted me, so I went and picked it up. 

I did get the zipper installed into the purse, and so far it looks like this:

It is now ready for the lining.  Once that is done, I can make all the straps and get those basted in place, readying the whole piece for final finishing.  I was able to pick up some hardware today, so I think I got a plan for adding the long strap that my daughter wanted.

So.  Maybe tomorrow I can work on this. 

Parting Shot:  Tecumseh.  Yesterday's hike was Mt. Tecumseh.  The actual summit isn't all that exciting.  What is exciting about this mountain is that it is home to the Waterville Valley Ski Area.  The ski slopes are supposed to open on Thanksgiving weekend, but I'm not sure about that - there was no snow up there at all and it was rather warm this week!  As you can see, the ski trail below is rather bare and brown.


Carol said...

I've just bought this pattern, but for one of the other bags. Very keen to see how this one turns out. I may have to add it to my christmas sewing. It's very cute in this fabric

Teddylyn said...

Great photos! We vacationed in Waterville Valley one summer. Just beautiful!

Lynda in LV

Alastairanson said...

Already the point is acutely identifiable from chiseling, use the sandpaper to bland it well.