Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Patrones No.265, Model #41 & #42, Baby V Outfit

A Good Start

My brother and his wife had their first child last week, a baby girl and I wanted to send something hand made along with another gift.  After looking through all my Burda and Patrones magazines, I found this little outfit in Patrones. 

Last week I showed you the embroidery, and here's how it turned out, not yet made into the top.  The fabric is a fine shirting, in pink and white stripes.

I actually started working on the little panties first, and decided to trim them in eyelet, rather than the contrast ruffle.  I found enough wider eyelet to make the sleeves of the dress, so the dress will coordinate with the panties.

The panties are almost done, with only inserting the leg elastic left.  I just can't remember how much elastic goes into each leg opening for such a small outfit!  I'll have to dig out one of my daughter's outfits and measure it. 

Next up:  working on the top! 

Parting Shot:  Destruction.  I have (or had) a ball of cotton yarn that I use to make baby piping.  It did not escape the attention of a large orange cat who thought it would be a good idea to play with it.  Sigh.  It shouldn't be too hard to untangle.


Vicki W said...

That's going to be adorable!

Sigrid said...

How very, very lovely. Adorable indeed.

BConky said...

I love the vintage look of your baby outfit for your niece. Wellie is like my kitten, just can't leave anything alone. He was helping me cut out a halloween costume this morning. He tries to catch the scissors when I'm cutting. Sometimes I have to shut him in another room because I'm afaid he'll get hurt.

Suzanne said...

So sweet!

Bunny said...

Very sweet. If you can't find your daughter's outfit let me know. I have a chart somewhere that has lots of baby measurements.