Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Make The Look

Kate Spade Chain Afina Jacket

This week's Make the Look is the Chain Afina Jacket from Kate Spade.  This jacket isn't really anything earth shatteringly new in the fashion world, but what I liked about it was the trim.  The jacket is your basic, slightly boxy jacket with welt pocket with flaps and a collar.  The trim is what is interesting - the pockets flaps and other edges are trimmed with a layer of chiffon and chain.  The Chanel jackets are known for the chain at the hems, but this jacket brings the chain to the outside. 

I also liked this jacket because the trim is something you could add to a RTW jacket or to an existing jacket that you've already made.  

If you want to make a jacket from scratch, there have been many patterns available for a jacket of this style, so you might already have something that would work, but currently available are Butterick 5535 and Butterick 5147.  I like the latter, because it has a curvier shape, but obviously you need to pick what works with your body type.  You'd have to add welt pockets or even just fake welt flaps to get the right look.

Butterick 5535:

Butterick 5147:

The original jacket is a black wool boucle blend, and Gorgeous Fabrics has a really nice one:

As far as the chain for the trim, you can purchase that from M&J Trims which has a wide variety of chains or try your local hardware store to see if they have something of the right size, weight and price.

All photos from respective websites with links included.

Parting Shot:  Moose!  My son had to make a poster on a mammal for school, so he picked the moose.  He carved the stamps for the tracks by himself and together we stamped the tracks. 

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Bunny said...

Great jacket. I love Kate Spade.

Great job by your sone on the moose tracks. He is just getting cuter by the day.