Friday, September 23, 2011

Simplicity 2358, Music Bag

So far, I've got the bag cut out and fused.  I've also modified the pattern a little and picked up the magnetic closure that I'll need to for the flap. 

Among all the cutting out, would you believe there are no inside pockets for this bag?!?  There are a few pockets on the outside, depending on which view you make, but none in the interior.  Um, I guess guys (to whom the pattern is apparently marketed to according to the cover artwork) don't need interior pockets for things like cell phones, ipods, memory sticks, etc.?  I think I'm going to add some to this bag so my son can at least keep his pencils and other small things organized.

Other than coming up with some sort of pockets for him, I think I'm ready to sew this up.  I think I'll be home most of tomorrow, so maybe I'll make progress!

Parting Shot:  Fast Asleep.  We found Wellie fast asleep in bag in my workroom the other day.  He just made himself nice and cozy and took a nap.


Bunny said...

Cats and bags are such a wonderful combination. Good for Wellie!

ashley0107 said...

No pockets on the inside?! Every bag should have pockets on the inside!
My brothers cat likes boxes and bags. I think he likes them because he can get some peace and quiet as no one knows where he is! lol
Ashley x