Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Make the Look

Kate Spade - Bardot Sweater Dress

Sweater dress, well you know that sucked me in.  Living in New England, sweaters and other cozy clothes are always important.  A sweater dress is a bonus in my case.  You see, I love really nice dresses and there are a ton of them and patterns for them out there.  The problem is that I am always cold, even in air conditioning in summer.  That means, I'm always wearing a cardigan over the dress, thus hiding the whole thing, and in the end it doesn't matter what the dress looks like anymore because of the sweater!  Don't even think about winter.  Sigh.  Enter the sweater dress!  Now, that's a concept the I can get on board with.  The Bardot Sweater Dress is nice because it picks up on the color blocking trend, and if you look at the shape really closely, there isn't much to it. 

There are two patterns that I'd suggest for making such a dress.  For either, you will have a few changes to make.  First, you'll need to figure out how you want the color blocking.  That is a personal decision and your body shape may have something to do with it.  Second, you'll need to adjust the sleeve length to your liking.  Third, you'll need to add wider binding or bands at the sleeve ends and neck.  Using that bow on the neck is up to you. 

McCall's 6355 is nice.  It also has some bust darts which is really helpful in giving the dress just a little shape.  Your body shape may dictate that additional bust/waist darts and some side seam shaping maybe better for you, too.  A belt may just solve all those problems, albeit, that's an addition to the original.

Simplicity 2054 is similar as well, has no darts at all and will still need all the design changes.

As far as fabrics, the original is done in a wool knit.  Wool knit is cozy and luxe, but wool knit also needs to be taken care of properly.  I'm going to guess that dry cleaning will be involved.  If you want wool knit, and you want to color block, you'll have to be creative.  Try Gorgeous Fabrics or Fabricmart.  My suggestion is this:  use rayon/spandex ponte knit.  I know that's not quite a sweater knit, but it is a heavier knit and very warm (I've made things from it in the past) *and* it comes in quite a range of colors.  Fabric.com has a nice selection of ponte knit and if you want to make a pink/red version like the original, they've got pink and red.  Plus, you get the benefit of machine washing!

All photos from respective websites with links included.

Parting Shot:  View.  This is a view from near the summit of East Osceola that I took recently.  While we were spared a lot of damage from Irene, the areas that were worst hit were our roads near any river or stream.  Many of the roads in the mountains suffered damage and some are just starting to reopen.  This view is near the Kancamagus Highway, which just reopened this weekend after many portions were repaired.  A big thanks to the road crews who worked hard to quickly restore the roadways!


Bunny said...

When down in NH a couple of weeks ago I heard that the Kankamangus was closed. I was amazed. Luckily up here we were spared although not to far away there are awful problems.

Reethi said...

That's a really cute dress! I don't keep as good an eye on fashion as I like, but this is a great dress, and I must try it out!

snowflakes said...

the style arc Laura Dress pattern is a dead ringer for this dress. The pattern is very easy to make also