Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Advance 7931, Navy Corduroy Dress

The Skirt

I've been able to get the skirt made up.  I know that sounds like I didn't sew much, but consider that the skirt has 8 gores, each edge needing serging, plus each gore has a dart, too.  Add to that some side seam pockets, and you've got a good bit of sewing to do.  Here's what the skirt looks like so far:

The center front has the button placket opening, so I've reinforced both sides of the seam with some fusible interfacing before stitching the center front skirt seam.

The pockets are all done:

Right now, I need to stitch the skirt and the bodice together, then work on the buttonholes.  I could not find enough matching buttons for this dress as it needs 13 buttons, so I'm going to go with covered buttons for the moment.  I'm also pretty sure I'm going to make bound buttonholes, but haven't 100% decided on that.  First I need to determine the size of the button I need to use.  The envelope illustration has those buttons looking pretty large, but I'm not sure exactly how big as the pattern does not specify.  It will be either 3/4" or 7/8".  I bought one package of covered buttons of each size and will see what looks best when I get the bodice and skirt together.  

Parting Shot:  Playing.  Wellie likes to play with a rope of fabric.  My son tied knots into the ends so that Wellie can grab it.  Without front claws, he needs a little something extra when trying to catch the rope.


urbandon (Don Pezzano) said...

Looking great. Wow, that is a lot of sewing (and buttons) All the best!

Cennetta said...

Beautiful work as always.