Friday, February 01, 2008

Midnight Garden - Accessory Update

When Mom Speaks, Listen!

When I finished the jewelry for MG, I wasn't sure whether I was going to leave it as it was or do something different with it. My mom left a comment regarding the jewelry and that did it. It had to be changed. She suggested keeping the necklace simple and making button earrings instead of the dangles. She knows her history and fashion history, so I simplified the necklace and remade the earrings. Here's the revised jewelry:

The earrings were made by stitching smaller navy glass pearls to a perforated disk. The disks then attach to a pad which has an earring post.

This jewelry is much simpler, but is better for the ensemble as it compliments better than the original. Is that better, mom? Too bad we didn't buy up that "tacky old jewelry" we saw at the flea markets in the 80's, huh?

Parting Shot: Kitty Corner. When I saw Kiwi sitting there last night, it was too good of a pun to resist.