Sunday, February 18, 2007

American Beauty - Accessories

Guess what I just won on eBay?!?!?

These shoes! From the seller: "Sleek lines and great color on these VERY DESIRABLE VINTAGE 1950's RED genuine lizard skin 3.5" heeled pumps by "Frank Werner of San Francisco." Skins are soft and supple and in LIKE NEW condition with a gorgeous skin deco-style design on top! "

Aren't they great? Vintage, red, and lizard, too! I can't believe I found these in my size. As far as price, they're a little more than I like to pay for show/runway shoes (I like to pay no more than $15 for shoes that will see little use), but these are vintage. With shipping, the total is less than $50.00, so I'm very happy. Can't you tell?

One last look at my ruby slippers: