Thursday, March 29, 2007

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Another Vogue Couturier #191 came to eBay, and this time, I got it! Some of you may remember way back to September when I started American Beauty - this was part of the original inspiration for the gown and was to be the pattern. I lost the auction (having to bow out at $85.00 or so), and hadn't seen it on eBay since. At least until last week. I had to pay dearly for it, but it's mine now, in the right size *and* it comes with the original embroidered sew-in label that says "Vogue Couturier". The seller even posted a picture of the back of envelope which shows the back of the gown, which I've never seen. The back has a deep u-shaped neckline, almost backless, much deeper than mine, but is sort of what I expected. I also expected to possibly see a bow or something else, but since it wasn't shown on the front of the envelope, it makes sense that the back was plain.

Parting Shots: Today I got the red lizard shoes back from having the heel taps replaced. They're surprisingly comfortable, with the arch support just in the right place for me. I find the arch support in some heels lacking, but these are really nice. You can tell from the second picture that they look great with modern jeans, too.

I didn't finish the Easter dress today, so I apologize for not posting about it. I will finish it on the bus and post about it tomorrow. I did get the necklace and earrings done to match the dress.

Tonight I'm headed off to the studio to work on a muslin for my Easter dress! It's just the bodice only, as the skirt is one of those really huge full skirts. I don't think that will be a fitting problem!


Isabelle said...

I certainly remember that pattern, Summerset - and I'm glad you could finally get it! Congratulations.
Your shoes are fabulous.
Thank you for your kind words on my blog, they mean more than you can imagine! Thank you.

Tany said...

I'm happy for you! I know how it feels when I really want something and it slips through my fingers... And those shoes are to die for!