Saturday, March 31, 2007

Diamonds - Part VII - Plus a Few Comments on the Easter Dress

(keep reading for the Diamonds portion)

Thank you for all your compliments on my daughter's Easter dress and jewelry! She does love it, and feels very pretty wearing it! I strive to make sure she really, really likes something before I spend the time making it. I wasn't really sure about the whole thing, but she insisted she liked the fabric and even found the aqua satin for it. The only comment she had was that she didn't want to wear the crinoline to make it look like the pattern envelope. I think it would look better, but at the same time I'm sort of relieved I don't have to make a new crinoline as she's outgrown her other two!

Still Percolating on Diamonds . . .

I looked back over the posts and realized that I haven't worked on Diamonds in a month. Wow. I think it's had a rest and now I'm ready to get back to it!

For a quick review, I'm working with these two patterns. The dress will have a floor length straight skirt with no skirt drape. The jacket, the little red one, will be made of faux fur.

This is what we have so far for embellishment:

I've got some new ideas for the squares and sequins. How about alternating rows of squares and sequins? Maybe no sequins at all - keep it low key and just let the chiffon do the job? I'll do some mock up this week and see how they turn out. It's a hard balance to strike between elegance and tackiness!

I'm still on the hunt for blue square sequins . . .

Parting Shot: Today's shot is courtesy of my husband who took a walk with my daughter while I was out shopping for an Easter outfit for my son. This stone wall isn't on our property, but is on the same street I live on.

Tomorrow I will introduce my Easter dress. It's actually my second choice, unless by some miracle I get the first one done, too.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Cartwright's Sequins for your square sequins? the url is

I look forward to seeing your progress on Diamonds!

Lori in Mn

gold said...

Can't wait to see it!

Isabelle said...

I look forward to seeing what you come up with for Diamonds, and your Easter dress. Looks like spring is finally settling in!
Have a nice Palm Sunday.

Summerset said...

Lori - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I just checked the front page and they might have what I want. If they don't have the square ones, there WILL be something else I'll have to have from them! It's never good to mix that many sequins with an inner magpie.